Buffy Wicks is running for California’s State Assembly in the 15th District


Buffy Wicks is running for California’s State Assembly in the 15th District.

Buffy is a renowned grassroots organizer who worked on the campaigns of Barack Obama, Howard Dean, and Hillary Clinton. She also worked as Deputy Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement in the Obama Administration. She has served as a Fellow for both the Institute of Public Policy at Georgetown University and at the Center for American Progress, and, following her time with Howard Dean, led a campaign to fight Walmart for better wages and working conditions for the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. In addition to her grassroots activism, Buffy has been a strong advocate for children’s rights, exemplified by her recent work leading the California Kids Campaign.

In this episode, Buffy and I discuss her upbringing in a trailer park in a small, conservative California town and her early work in the Bay Area following college (2:21); the triumphs of her work on the Affordable Care Act legislation and the GOP’s current attempt to dismantle it (5:42); the dynamic of her being a progressive community activist who then worked on the Clinton campaign (16:22); her decision to run for office shortly after the birth of her first child (18:58); the importance of childcare for economic equality and a leveled playing field for women in the workforce (22:01); her efforts to advocate for children’s rights in California (24:35); and her experience completing an Iron (Wo)Man despite having never before done a triathlon (27:11).

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