Former Navy Pilot Ken Harbaugh is running for Congress in Ohio


Ken Harbaugh recently announced his campaign to run against Rep. Bob Gibbs in Ohio’s Seventh Congressional District. A former Navy pilot, Ken comes from a family of veterans and has continued to straddle the military / civilian divide throughout his career, with a particular focus on re-integration of veterans. As president and COO of Team Rubicon Global, Ken helped to recruit and deploy tens of thousands of military veterans into international disaster relief zones. In addition to his illustrious service in the Navy, Ken is a graduate of Duke University and Yale Law School, and was a Lord Rothermere Scholar at Oxford University.

He is also a married father of three, and we have the pleasure of meeting one of his daughters in the midst of our interview.

In this episode, Ken and I discuss his time as an Electronic Warfare Aircraft Commander (or an E-WAC, as Ken would say) in the United States Navy and how it informed his notion of duty (5:54), his work with Team Rubicon leading veteran volunteers (9:12), his response to the proposed federal budget increasing military spend at the expense of other programs (17:44), his thoughts on the experience of incumbent Bob Gibbs in Congress (19:05), his daughter’s preexisting condition and how the proposed healthcare bill will affect the residents in his district (22:05), the role of charter schools and public infrastructure in the Ohio education system (27:27), and how society needs to rethink its response to the opioid epidemic (34:08). Ken’s daughter makes her debut toward the end to warn her dad that church is in half an hour.

If you like what you hear, you can commit to donate to Ken Harbaugh’s campaign.